Are the walls in your home looking empty?  Are you trying to find a perfect, one of a kind gift for a friend?  Contact me today – I regularly work with individuals one-on-one to create a painting specific to their interest and taste.

My commissioned paintings are much more special than, a re-print of a work of art on canvas.  Commissioned paintings are one of a kind custom creation that only belongs to you!


There are a few different ways I have worked with clients in the past to create commissioned paintings.  You will find a few examples of the process below.

Inline image 2EXAMPLE 1

‘Underwater’, the painting to your right, was inspired by the interior design of the master bedroom of a Santa Barbara couples’ San Roque home.  The ocean oriented decor and textiles colored in tones of cream and blue in their master bedroom were key take aways that played into concepting “Underwater”.


The painting to your left was commissioned by the well known reggae band Iration.  Iration contacted me in of a painting to promote their
2014 Desert Concert Series.  After delivering the finished product to them, they had a professional photographer take a photo of the painting to obtain a digital image to be used for replicating the image on their website, social media, and on print  During one of the concerts in the concert series, they gave the painting to a lucky VIP fan at the concert.  Inspiration from the painting came from a text message conversation where they provided me with list of inspirations.  Their list of inspirations included: desert, stranded, “Fear and Loathing”, vultures….

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The image to your left was the adjusted replication of an image that a client found online.  They liked the general subject matter of the painting but, they desired to change the color scheme to match their room.  Additionally, they requested to change the image inside of the hand to a map to match the travel theme in their bedroom.

IMG_4063EXAMPLE 4:  “Tribal Tiger”, to the right, was inspired by multiple in depth discussion with a client providing hand picked reference images, style guidelines, and color schemes.  To start, I requested that the client create a Pinterest board with a collection of these references. Once the Pinterest board is ready to review, the board Inline image 5was discussed in person and over email to understand their relevance and brainstorm their incorporation on canvas.  To your left you will see “Tribal Tiger” and a screen shot of the inspiration Pinterest board

My lead time for delivering commissioned painting varies dependent upon my schedule so; receiving a finished product could take anytime between 2 weeks and 5 months. If you are interested in purchasing a painting for a special occasion, please email me a few months in advanced to ensure their will be availability in my project schedule.